Searching for Science 

Elihu Blotnick

With everything digitized also being scientized, finding the defining is a living quest. Indeed science is an alphabet of possibilities. Yes, science is safe, except when it isn't, yet, as with Pi, the dividend is infinite. A poetry of mindful mending may fit this sending, but how snakes sidewind and sandfish swim, how early legged animals first crawled up, like a poet to his own shore, are the subtext to far beyond and more.
   66 pgs

April 2019

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Ecology needs new buzz words, fiercely motivating, to turn public attention toward mindful mending. Earth is our only viable hive. Swarming into action is essential. Here, in sparse rhythmic aphoristic poetry, Elihu Blotnick searches. Indeed, science is an alphabet of possibilities. It is its own subject, a tool, a method, an outcome and a guide. Those who toy with it are surprised when they draw laughs. Those who reject it do so to their peril. They limit themselves. Yet, even those who worship at its gates never arrive in its heaven. The universe is ultimately unknowable. We are cosmic miniatures and always will be. Of course, we can make fiction of the future but the universe itself is our chief critic and will have the last word, regardless. This is the author's ultimate message, delivered in poetry that explores science in the context of language and discovery. Write real and see what happens, Elihu thought. But inspiration got the better of him: the poems are profound and prophetic.

Elihu Blotnick previously has written 15 novels (under pseudonyms) and seven books of poetry: A Slap on Three Cheeks, circus season; Music for a New Depression; Russian Hill, storm year; Mysterious Mr Blot; The Fog Line; Never Distrust an Asparagus; and Saltwater Flats, which won praise from the New York Times as "Powerful, and very personal, images of contemporary America."

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